New analytical tool to optimize food safety

Laboratory analyses are costly for for food producers when optimizing and maintaining food safety and quality. Not only in direct costs for analyses, but particularly with regard to time for transport of samples to the laboratory, with a consequent holding time at the producer, need for storage capacity and limitations on shelf life. And most importantly, the producer is unable to take corrective actions on undesirable test results while waiting for the lab results.

Therefore, Dianova has initiated a new R&D project in collaboration with leading researchers from the Technical University of Denmark, specialized in development of lab-on-chip devices. The project will develop an analytical tool – ISOAMKIT - that makes it possible to perform analyses for e.g. Salmonella and Listeria at the production site without conventional laboratory facilities. The ISOAMKIT system will consist of a chip sized about 2cm by 8 cm, containing all necessary reactions for product testing, as in a real laboratory. The chip will act as the sample reaction chamber that will be placed into a larger block with a heating source, which can send data from the chip to a connected computer.

It is expected that the ISOAMKIT system will be ready for the market in 2018. It can be operated by e.g. ordinary slaughterhouse personnel dedicated to quality control with a short introductory training. And it will be very competitive both in terms of time-to-result (with an analysis time of 1-2 hours) and costs where the expected price per analysis will be equivalent to presents day’s price levels at commercial testing laboratories.


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